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1462 North Warren Ave. Springfield, MO 65802

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Warranty Information

*Major Components * Driveline

*Body Parts * Sheetmetal

*Our Warranty does not cover the following items:

  • *Electrical Parts * Small Parts * Mechanical Accessories

  • A 45 day part replacement warranty applies unless otherwise noted on your invoice. All claims for warranty must be made within this time. Any claim made after the expiration of the warranty will not be considered.
  • The original invoice must accompany any claim for warranty.
  • The warranty term is based on the original purchase date.
  • Anything sold as a "Core" has no warranty with it.
  • Certain electrical items will not be warrantied/refunded due to inability to test.
  • The defective part must be returned to B&W Auto Salvage for replacement.
  • Defective driveline components must be made available for inspection by B&W Auto Salvage or a representative of B&W while still installed in the vehicle for the purpose of analysis before warranty coverage will be considered.
  • New fluids, filters, seals, and gaskets must be used in the installation of the driveline component. All lubricants and fluids used must be of the type recommended by the manufacturer. Receipts for installation items must accompany the claim for warranty.
  • Cylinder Heads must be resurfaced for warranty coverage to be considered.
  • Body parts with minor or no damage are purchased in “As Is” condition, only proper fit is warrantied.
  • Body parts with major damage are purchased in “As Is” condition and not warrantied.
  • The buyer must thoroughly inspect the parts before purchasing.
  • The defective part must be returned to B&W for replacement.
  • The purchaser's loss of time, inconvenience, Loss of use of the vehicle, towing expense, installation expense, commercial loss, rental cars, or other consequential damages are not covered by the warranty.
  • On driveline components fluids, gaskets, seals, filters, intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, clutches, water pumps, wiring, thermostats, sensors, hoses, belts, frost plugs, spark plugs, and injectors are not guaranteed.
  • Claims that result from accident, abuse, neglect, alteration, improper maintenance, or improper installation.
  • Claims that result from the failure of other existing components.
  • Claims that result from overheating due to cooling system failure.
  • Parts installed in vehicles used for commercial, racing, or off-road purposes, or parts used for any purpose other that the original application.
  • All warranties are for the original purchaser only. Warranties are not transferable.
  • There is a 25% restocking fee for all parts returned that are not covered under the warranty above.

Contact Information

  • B&W Auto Salvage is currently located at 1462 North Warren Avenue in Springfield, Missouri.
  • B&W is open during the hours of 9:00AM to 5:00PM Monday through Thursday, 9:00 AM to 4:PM on Friday, and we are closed on Sat-Sun.
  • Phone: (417) 865-0324
  • Phone: (417) 865-0348
  • Fax: (417) 865-8019
  • Email: bwpartsmaster1@yahoo.com for Rick Sparks - Office Manager
  • Email: bwpartsmaster3@yahoo.com for Robert Bohnstedt - CEO (Owner)
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A letter from a Happy Customer!!

Rick, It has been awhile since I came over and bought the engine (318 v-8) and other items for my wife's Dakota. The donor truck was BB00083. Your invoice reference number was 1022945. Dated 20 Oct. 2016. Engine is in and running. Did have water in the cylinders. I always pull the spark plugs on any used engine, roll it onto its side and use compressed air to blow out what might be in the cylinders. Then pour 5w-30 into each cylinder, completely filling them. Reinstall the spark plugs and let it set for two weeks or so. Giving plenty of time for the oil to loosen up any of the top oil rings that may be rusted to the cylinder wall. Once the two weeks has pasted, I remove the plugs, try to turn the engine over by hand with a breaker bar. Slowly flushing out the motor oil. Rinse the cylinders out with diesel and begin the installation into the vehicle.

I installed a Cloyes Street True Timing Set, part number 9-1103. Along with Fel-Pro timing cover set TCS45284. Also a new Murray water pump CP7103H. All purchased from O'Reilly's. I am going to install new E-3 spark plugs, all new belts today, or tomorrow. I finally was able to locate the engine computer for the 318 V-8 on 20 Jan. 2017 in Gaylord, MI. from A & L Iron and Metal (989) 732-5900. The computer is an OEM Dodge factory remanufactured unit.

I should have purchased from you guys the electric fan set up from BB00083. I had a brain fart and was not thinking about the fan clutch assembly not working from the 239 V-6 due to the distance from the radiator to the fan/clutch assembly. I wanted to know if you still have the Dakota BB00083 there? I wanted to come over and get some other parts from you guys.

I wanted to get the electric fan unit and mounting systems, front and rear bumpers if they are straight, the engine decal sticker from under the hood. Or, at least the part number from it so I can order one from Dodge. Heck, I may just buy the hood, if it is a white one to match her Dakota.

She was really excited when I had her get in and, "See if it will start". Her face lit up like the sun when her Dakota fired right up. She sat outside in a lawn chair much of the time as I was working on her Dakota. She would sit there, with a blanket wrapped around her, until she got to cold. She'd finally give up and go inside. She would then sit at the back door watching me out of the window. We do not have a shop, or garage. So, all of the work was done in a gravel driveway with hand tools.

I know that it is some distance from where we live to your place. However, I will always send you guys an e-mail when looking for an item. You will always be given first shot at helping me keep our older vehicles running. You guys lit up her face and gave her Dakota back to her again. For that I say, "Thank You for all of your help. "Let me know if you are going to be able to help me with the other items from BB00083 that I forgot to get. The Dakota (BB00083) may have already been crushed and I'll be out of luck.

My wife has not been able to drive her Dakota as of yet. We are going to her Doctor's appointment at 13:00 today. He will tell us today if he thinks she can start driving again after her three strokes, all of which happened in a one month period. She has been wanting to drive again for a long time now. She told me, "You've got my Dakota running again. It is ready for me to drive and I'm ready to take off. Now, we just got to convince the doctor that I am ready." Then she laughed.

I know this has been a long e-mail. I say again, "Thank You for all of the help each of you have been." Enjoy the rest of your week. Make sure to never SPEND time with your family, but, INVEST time in and with them. For none of us really know how precious those seconds really are. I have seen to many of those seconds lost forever by my wife.

Semper Fi. 'Nam Marine D. Fitzpatrick Washington, Ok.