B&W Auto Salvage

1462 North Warren Ave. Springfield, MO 65802

Phone: (417) 865-0324

Phone: (417) 865-0348

Bohnstedt History

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B&W was started by Lloyd Walker and Ona Bohnstedt. Hence the name B&W. They started selling used auto parts in 1949. James and Junior Bohnstedt grew up working in the yard. They was always interested in cars. The brothers started racing at local tracks in the early 50's. In his peak year's, racing his ’63 Chevy, Junior was a hard man to beat. He won many championships at the Ava, Humansville, and Springfield Speedways. Junior and James took over the operation of B&W in 1971. It was one of Springfield's largest salvage yards and they added Auto sales, and a mechanics shop to the business. It was The top Salvage Yard in sales and customer satisfaction. Junior and his wife Juanita operated the yard after brother James left the business. Juniors Eldest son Robert has taken control of B&W and is still serving the Springfield area.

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